Download Instagram Plus for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

Instagram Plus for iPhone without jailbreak
Finally, you can now have more than Instagram software on your iPhone, is completely free and without the need to work jailbreak, through the link to download Instagram Plus for the iPhone the latest version we provide you at the end of the article, you can have a Instagram second on the iPhone, offering us Instagram program Plus many of the features and additions blocked by the normal Instagram program, the ability to save images Instagram , and save video from Instagram , re-publish photos or Instagram clips through a dedicated “Retweet” icon, change the view of the Time Line, use a password to protect the application, or use Fingerprint This is due to the type of iPhone phone, Instagram Plus is a second application to download on the iPhone, in the case of jailbreak for iPhone or not.

Image after downloading Instagram Plus for iPhone and iPad Instagram II free Instagram Plus


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Best Articles in Instagram:


     Program for increasing the likes of extramarine.
     Increase follow-up.
     Chinese stores to download all paid software.
Things you miss in the normal Instagram are available to you at Instagram Plus!

Instagram Plus gives you many options that you can not find in Instagram,
and the most important features of Instagram Plus for iPhone:

Save images from Instagram and save clips.
     The ability to share a photo on your profile, and create a picture of your photos and clips Instagram .
     Control the timeline view of images and clips in the way that suits you
     Password to protect application, or use fingerprint if your iPhone supports this feature.
     View and save the full size profile of friends.
     The presence of Instagram Plus does not eliminate the presence of normal Instagram .

Save images and videos from this folder via this icon:

You will notice that there is an icon to save images and clips, Instagram helps to save images directly, it gives you several types of quality that you can choose one of them to save images:
Save images from Instagram Plus and choose the right quality – Download Instagram Plus for iPhone

Save images from Instagram Plus and choose the right quality

As for the video you can keep the video clip from Instagram quality that gives you the program Instagram Plus Instagram as shown in the following picture:
Download Instagram Plus for iPhone
Save clips Instagram to your iPhone studio
Share or retweet photos on Instagram plus from this icon:

You can usually publish or retweet your own image by re-posting the image or video on your profile again, without the name of the owner of the original image, but the option “retweet ” is disabled. Images and media, in the first way through the set of options that appear in the following picture:
Media Sharing via Instagram Plus – Download Instagram Plus for iPhone

Share media through Instagram Plus

Choose Download> shows you any type of quality, choose any of them> then show you the following options:
Media Sharing via Instagram Plus – Download Instagram Plus for iPhone


Select Share Image> You can share the photo via a social media site or republish it via the original Instagram . choose the appropriate filter for the image, put your comment on it and publish it to friends.

Or the way through the second option Share with ++ where you can choose where you want to share media through it, and can also choose Instagram through your personal account, but you can not add filters on them, just place a private comment, and publish them through Instagram original account.

Content view in Instagram Plus:

In Instagram Plus, you can change the timeline view, using the two options at the top and Center of the Instagram Plus screen as shown in the following picture:
Content Viewer in Instagram Plus – Download Instagram Plus for iPhone

Content view in Instagram Plus
Lock the secret number with Instagram Plus iOS
Instagram Plus can protect your application by creating a four-digit password or an application-specific lock. You can then delete the password you created as shown in the following image, from the first option. You can also activate the fingerprint option if your phone is iPhone , Supports this feature, where you can open the application either through your fingerprint or through the password you created to maintain your privacy in Instagram Plus.
Create a special lock to protect your data on Instagram Plus for iPhone
Create a special lock to protect your data on Instagram Plus for iPhone
Learn about the advantages of downloading Instagram Plus for iPhone

We have already mentioned that Instagram Plus for iPhone has many additional features that the original program lacks. Follow us with the new features in Instagram Plus settings, which you will discover in Instagram Plus via the following image:
General Settings for Instagram Plus for iPhone – Download Instagram Plus for iPhone

General Settings for Instagram Plus for iPhone

    Hide comments on photos and clips when choosing the list view.
    Control the automatic playback of audio in the clips Instagram Plus
 Allows the automatic playback of Instagram Plus clips for iPhone.
    View and view images in full size.
    Control the image size of the zoom and zoom through the options available to you.
    Control the display or hide the date and time of the image or video clip on your PC.
    You can make copies of the attached text for photos and videos on Instagram Plus.
    Activate the option of pressing the image to place your liking on the image or video

Story settings to control how they are displayed:

Instagram Plus provides you with a variety of options that allow you to control your own story and group of friends stories that are presented to you.

     Identify stories as read without having to open them.
     Stop the automatic transition of the story, moving to the stories of other friends.
     There are many options to save the story, such as: Locating it, selecting the quality you want to save the story from, enabling the Auto save for friends stories option.
     Control the display of alerts in the status bar of your iPhone when saving stories.

Message settings and more privacy:

For Instagram Plus Personal Messages, you can control them by options that suit you like:

      Disable Show Option or Index Read Messages.
     Enable option or button to save and download video.
     It also provides more settings for story or story messages for friends such as: disabling display of the message read indicator, giving alerts when taking screenshots, disabling automatic display of stories for friends.
     Locating friends’ stories.
     Determine the quality you want to save stories of friends.
     Show alerts in status bar when saving story successfully.

Save images and clips without taking screenshot:

There are simple options that allow you to save media in a way that suits you from:

     Enable autosave option with high quality for images and sections in Instagram Plus.
     Determine where to save media on your iPhone as shown in the following image, either on the program or in the new camera album or in the photo album